Therapeutic Reparations, founded by Michelle Solángel Martínez, aims to raise funds to provide vouchers for womxn/NB folks of color to get mental health therapy with participating providers at a deeply reduced rate or, in some cases, at no cost to them, in the spirit of reparations. Regardless of your racial identity, if you would like to be a sponsor, please send a donation using the form below. Please note that we are not yet a nonprofit, nor are we a 501(c)3.

Be sure to check back for updates as the organization moves forward with nonprofit status and plans to incorporate additional types of treatment providers! Right now, all funds collected benefit the womxn/NB of color currently on Michelle’s caseload.

Questions/Comments? Email Michelle. Please do not send any confidential health information to this email address. If you wish to be seen as a client in Michelle’s counseling practice, please read on for more information.

Visit Affirmative Heart Counseling to learn about how you can engage in therapy with Michelle. If you are a white womxn/NB who wants to “Work toward equity while doing your Work” (therapy), or a womxn/NB of color looking for a QTPoC therapist for your individual Work, Michelle may be a great fit for you!

In addition to running Affirmative Heart Counseling, Michelle provides equity consulting and training privately and to organizations small and large. This work includes holding call-in circles to address harm from a restorative justice approach, a Whiteness 101 workshop for white folks looking to understand their connections and unconscious contributions to toxic whiteness, and providing advice on your organizations’ publications and media from an equity/social justice/cultural competency lens. Find out more at Call-In Circle Equity Consulting (coming soon)

You can also check out Michelle’s other pursuits, such as a blog about the mental health therapy process at Decolonize Therapy and creative coaching for artists at Artistic Muse Coaching (coming soon).